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INTA caters to a selected and distinguished clientele.
exclusive What we produce is exclusively for use on projects we undertake and are manufactured strictly according to the specific requirements of each application aimed at achieving near perfection.

This concern for excellence has won us a clientele who possess business ethics of the highest standards and we spare no pains to keep it that way.

From its inception, INTA has provided its exclusive services to Five Star Hotels, Foreign Banks, Several Embassies and High Commissions and offshore projects.  Their continued patronage alone is ample testimony to the excellence of our services.

INTA is addressing the issue of marketing.
We do not focus on the price that our products are sold at.  We concern ourselves in keeping up with the latest technology, assuring that our products are of a supreme quality and performance, addressing important environmental issues and staying atop the issues that directly relate to the coatings industry.

INTA is committed to maintaining the development of its products with the highest degree of performance.  INTA will always maintain research and development programs, continually improving product performance for the ever-changing consumer needs.

Analysing chemicals for international companies.
service In the journey of life, one never stops learning.  Everyday brings a new experience, a new idea, and a new solution.  Mr. Abeyagunasekara and his team firmly believe in this and have, over the years, accumulated a wealth of experience.  With each project they were involved in, they added something new to their knowledge and experience.

With his background as a Chemical Engineer and an associate member of the Paints Research Association of the United Kingdom, Abeyagunasekara, through his hunger for research and development, has over the past 20 years, achieved such a degree of proficiency in the subject as to being a position second to none to serve the global community in analysing chemicals related to paint industry. Please visit our Feedback Form to obtain his expert comments.

Being innovative we have acquired considerable flexibility and enormous staying power.
Survival and success in an extremely competitive world depends on one’s innovativeness and the uniqueness of his approach.  What distinguishes INTA from others in the same line of business is its concept of “Just in Time”.  Under this concept INTA has been providing each work site with a unique product ideally suited for the project.  This system has ensured the use of chemicals having longer POT life, thus ensuring a product, which is longer lasting than what is used by others in the field.

The benefit to our customers is two fold. The cost effectiveness of the system brings him a low cost product/service, which is longer lasting than any in the market.

INTA ‘s painting & decorating services are also another innovative process.  Our system of “We work while others sleep” has made us stand out among those in our line of business.  We are highly rated for completing jobs “overnight”.  Our work force becomes active after office hours and performs its duties without moving a single person or item of furniture.  All office equipments are covered properly and, if necessary, an intermediate work floor is put up under strict supervision.

Where the site is too big to be completed in a single operation, work is carried out section by section.

This process guarantees you a new and better working environment overnight with the least inconvenience to you and your employees.

Environmental answers for business
better_answers Environmental destruction begins with the invisible and ends with the very visible.  The key is to educate professionals about what will be, to put in place your own regulations, to have the foresight to be environmentally intelligent now, and to make products in a safe and protective manner.  To not do so is entrepreneurial suicide.

A series of programmes on this issue will be launched by INTA for safeguarding a better world for generations to come.

Business opportunity for companies that have an existing, well-established business presence, the necessary capital and the desire to build a business for the future.
Having been active for more than 20 years in the manufacture of paints, waterproofing & chemical treatment, painting and spray texture finishes, concrete mortar modification and concrete cancer treatment, the company welcomes a strategic international partner in the same line of business to meet the growing needs of clients in the new millennium.

We are also highly rated for working with overseas companies on large offshore projects.  Many projects have been successfully accomplished and the management welcomes such offshore projects, especially in Europe and Asia.

If you believe your company has the entrepreneurial, action-oriented attitude we are looking for, contact us for further discussion on either of the exciting opportunities above.

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