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Something new is always around the corner. Check here regularly for our latest in paints and other products.

To meet it's vision INTA offers a wide range of world class architectural products and services including paints, waterproofing & chemical treatment, painting and spray texture finishes, concrete mortar modification and concrete cancer treatment.

ball  Acronil Waterproof liquid membrane for seamless, long life protection for any surface.
ball  Inta Architectural Coating Systems Emulsion and enamel paints for internal and external surfaces with over 60,000 different colours.
ball  Inta Protective Coatings/Lining Systems For concrete, metal and masonry surfaces.
ball  High Performance Coatings For commercial and industrial applications. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.
ball  Intanilite Varnish Polyurethane base clear varnish for interior and exterior wood work.
ball  Intanilite Acrylic
    Wall Filler
Acrylic base surface leveler which is easy to sand paper to get smooth uniform surface for the walls.
ball  Intanilite Metal Filler Unsaturated polyester base 2 pack metal filler for leveling the metal surfaces.
ball  Intanilite NC Thinner High evaporate petroleum base paint solvent.
ball  Intanilite White Spirits Low evaporate paint solvent with petroleum base.
ball  Intadip Floor conditioner for removing grease and oil prior to floor coatings.
ball  Intagrip Non-slip industrial floor coating more suitable for industries and swimming pools.
ball  Sandex
    Texture Coating
Acrylic co-polymer base texture finishes with different sizes and finishes.
ball  Inta S305 Concentrated, inhibited rust and scale remover.
ball  Acronil C26 Concrete mortar modificator that protects concrete reinforced iron against corrosion.  Ideal for telephone and electrical concrete posts.
ball  Acronil R53 Special coating for encapsulation of asbestos roofing sheets and ceiling sheets to prevent eliminating the asbestos dust which cause cancer.
ball  Acronil T36 Non electric conductive coatings ideal for bus bar board and switch board areas.
ball  Intan F20 Self leveling floor coating system.

Highest Quality Standard is adhered to in the production process.  British standard Specification which is compatible with United States, German and Japanese quality management systems is your assurance that the procedures and processes used to produce the goods and services which INTA provides comply with the International Standard, and demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

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