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INTA offers a complete line of environmentally safe architectural products.  We are pioneers as well as industry leaders in developing products that offer superior performance but are still environmentally safe for commercial and residential use.


Over many years INTA has established a close working relationship with the scientific community, which continues to this day.  As business people involved with the industry, we are well aware of the challenges and pressures faced by both sides in this issue.

Our coatings address all of the ways by which surfaces deteriorate, and contain less or no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ingredients.  We provide a quality finish inheriting following benefits. arrow

Penetrate deeply into the substrate, leaving a natural transparent finish or solid color, that will not crack or peel.

Contain ingredients which are molecularly compatible creating a monolithic bond with the surface which will not evaporate or wash out.

Create a natural environment which resists the growth of moss, fungus and mildew without the use of dangerous ingredients which provide only short-term benefits.

Coatings are high in solids: this being the portion of product which remains in the substrate after the carrier or volatile ingredient has evaporated.  Many paint or coating products contain more inert ingredients which is defined having no effect.

Low in odor and contains only environmentally safe, non-toxic ingredients which are neither harmful to the user nor the environment.

Ongoing research and development in order to produce a product with superior performance.

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